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I hold no liability for your exercise workout. Workout to your abilities. If you feel pain or find any difficulty with an exercise presented, stop the exercise and remove it from the exercise box and resave your exercises. You may choose the duration and intensity of your workout by choosing different combinations of time and workout choice. Consider your workout choice and warm up appropriately.

You may use the default lists, or make your own lists. If you wish to reset the app, clear all items and restart. You will be offered the option to load default exercises or input your own.

Exercises are a variety of exercises I have done through the years and have seen others do. They are offered in a completely random order and may require weights of your choosing, an exercise ball, or workout band.

Exercises are presented for one minute each. This may seem too long for some and too short for others. If you are able to continue the exercise longer, feel free. If the exercise is too hard, start the next exercise on the list, or get a quick drink break. As the idea is to move for the selected time frame, you can adapt and modify any exercises or time frames as you wish. This is your exercise time and I hold no liability for your participation with this program.

Your device may try to turn off the screen while using this app. To ensure this does not happen in the middle of your workout, you should change your settings, display, sleep, to more than the duration of your workout.


Easy Exercises

2 leg stretch-Sit on floor, both legs straight out to front. Stretch towards feet.
ankle circles- Legs pointed out to the sides, move feet in small circles forward and backward.
arm tricep stretch- Raise arm behind head. Drop forearm behind head and pull elbow to opposite side.
back up the car- Stand like holding a steering wheel. Look back over shoulder.
ball rolls-Sitting on exercise ball, roll hips side to side and front to back to limber up spine and hips.
band pull apart- Holding band across chest, stretch band by pulling shoulders back and arms out.
bridge pelvis press- Lying on back with legs bent. keep shoulders on ground while lifting pelvis toward ceiling and hold as preferred. Release and repeat.
calf raises- Standing on toes, raise and lower body using calf muscles.
calf stretch- leaning against wall or downward dog alternately stretch calf muscles.
cat stretch- Kneeling on hands and knees alternately arch and bow back.
child's pose- Kneel on hands and knees. Press body down to floor with behind on feet and chest on ground.
cross in front shoulder stretch- pull extended arm in front of chest to stretch shoulder.
dancer's cross leg glute stretch- Sit with 1 leg out straight. Cross other bent leg over that leg. Pull knee across and back to feel in glute. Switch
decline alternate heel touches- Lying on the floor, raise shoulders slightly and alternately reach for heels with hands.
decline bent leg stretch-Lying on ground bend one leg up to chest and pull into chest.
decline leg circles- Lying on back with legs straight up, move legs in circle clockwise and counter clockwise.
downward dog- Yoga move, with feet together and hands on ground. Push behind to the sky and chest toward feet. Push heels down to floor.
figure 4 stretch- Lie on floor with knees bent. Put ankle on opposite knee and pull knee towards chest. Switch.
head rolls- With arms stretched to floor, roll head slowly from side to middle to side, holding on each side.
hugs- Stretch arms out and then wrap around body like a hug. Repeat balistically.
hurdle stretch-Sit on floor, one leg out in front and one bent leg with foot close to knee or inner thigh. Stretch toward farthest foot.
kneeling donkey kick-Kneeling on hands and knees alternately raise bend leg up behind you.
kneeling fire hydrant- Kneeling on hands and knees alternately raise bent leg to side.
march/jog- knees up, knees out,heels up, march or jog with knees pulling up, knees to side, or heels to behind.
open chest stretch- Stretch open arms out off shoulders and pull back behind you keeping arms relatively straight.
quad stretch- standing on one leg, pull other heel to your behind keeping knee pointed down to floor and hips forward.
rollers-Lying back, hugging knees to chest roll back and forth on back and behind to massage muscles.
seated butterfly-Sit with legs bend and feet pulled in together. Push down on knees while leaning body toward feet.
seated leg extension- Sit on edge of chair or exercise ball with legs at 90 degree angle. Extend alternate legs and hold as preferred. Ankle weights may be used
seated spinal stretch- Sit and pull bent leg into body. Cross other bent leg over that leg and twist alternate uppper body towards upper leg.
shakers-Balistically shake legs and arms to shake out muscles.
shoulder circles- Arms straight out to the sides, make small and large circles forward and backward.
side bends- Standing straight up, legs slightly apart, reach arm down one side and then the other. May use weights if preferred.
standing 2 leg stretch-Standing fee together, reach hands down, pushing body towards feet.
standing side stretch- Standing feet together or slightly apart, raise arms to ceiling and drop one arm to side and stretch or arch body in that direction. Switch as you wish.
straddle stretch- Sitting on floor, spread legs wide. Alternately stretch toward each foot and center.
upward dog- Also called cobra. Pushup position with body dropped towards ground and shoulders pushed up. Pull shoulders down to lengthen neck.
v leg hamstring stretch-with legs wide in a v, one leg forward of the other, reach down to forward foot.
wall push-ups- Standard push-up position leaning on the wall.
wall sits-Sit against wall with legs in 90 degree angle as if sitting in a chair. Don't lean on legs. Hold as preferred.
wide feet hamstring stretch-Standing with legs wide drop upper body toward floor alternately stretching towards each leg and center.

Medium Exercises
arm curls- Standing with arms down to side, alternately curl forearms up keeping elbows to sides. Weights or bands may be used as preferred.
arm tricep extension- Standing with arms up, drop forearms behind head. Straighten arms. Weights may be used as preferred.
banana- Lying on back lift arms and shoulders and legs off ground. Hold and repeat as preferred.
bear crawl-Hands and feet on ground spread some, walk forward and back a few paces with behind in air.
bicycle crunches- In sit up position, raise shoulders slightly and peddle legs like a bike, forward and backward.
bow- Lying on stomach, reach back and grasp ankles. Pull torso and legs of ground to make a bow position. Hold and repeat as preferred.
chair dips-Sit on edge of chair. Slide forward supporting weight with arms. Bend arms to drop body toward floor and lift back up.
circle run- Keeping body upright and facing front, run feet in a small circle around fixed point on floor.
crescent pose- Yoga pose, facing front, with deep lunge position on ball of back foot and flat front foot, raising arms straight above shoulders.
crunches- Lying on back with bent legs raised, pull shoulders towards knees.
crunchy frog-Balancing on behind. Extend arms out and legs out together. Pull arms and legs in without putting down feet. Repeat.
decline leg scissors- Lying on back with one leg on ground and other straight up, switch legs holding in between.
figure 4 crunch- Lying on back with legs straight up, pull one ankle down to knee in 4 position. perform sit-up stretching hands toward upper foot.
forward bend flies- Standing with legs close, bend at waist and lift weights out with straight arms, pulling shoulders together.
forward bend rows- Standing with legs close, bend at waist and pull weights up towards waist bending arms like rowing a boat.
frog leg lift-lying on floor with legs bent like a frog, lift legs up to 90 degrees and lift pelvis. Return to floor and repeat as preferred.
gap jump- Standing on one foot, jump forward to land on other foot like jumping a creek. Turn and jump back with opposite foot.
heels to heaven- Lying on back with legs straight up, lift heels up without moving forward or back. Repeat as preferred.
jumping jacks- Standing with legs together and arms down to side, jump to X position arms and legs spread out straight. Return to start posistion.
leg raises- Lying on floor, raise straight legs together to L position and return to floor.
leg side drops- Lying on back, with legs straight up and together, drop legs to alternate sides, holding and repeating as preferred.
military march- Raise alternate straight leg and straight arm. Switch with smooth swinging actions.
plank- Hold starting push-up position with body flat. Use straight arms or rest on elbows.
prayer squats- Squat with hands together. Raise to extended arms and legs slighty apart.
roll ups- Lying flat, with legs together, roll body up and touch toes. Return to flat position and repeat.
runner's pose- Deep lunge on balls of feet with tips of fingers on floor.
shoulder press- Lie on floor arms out and bent towards ceiling.Press weights to ceiling straightening arms and return to starting position.
shoulder shrugs- shrug shoulders up to ears and back down. May use weights if preferred.
side one arm plank- arms extended in push-up position, twist to the side and raise arm. Switch sides as you wish. Keep waist pushed up flat.
standard push-up- Same old push-up everyone remembers. Bend arms and keep body straight.
step up stairs/box- Using alternate leg, step up on box or stairs and step back down.
superman-Laying on stomach with arms and legs stretched, arch back and tighten glutes to raise legs and arms up off floor. Hold and repeat as preferred.
twist floor touches/windmills- Middle school flash back. Wide leg stance, touch alternate feet with opposite hand, returning to standing position in between.
twist ski combo-Stand with feet together with slightly bent legs. Twist waist and feet left and right with a small hop like skiing.
Vinyasa- Yoga forward bend, hands on ground, jump legs back to plank, push-up down into upward dog, push back into downward dog, back to plank, jump feet up to hands and return to standing position.
wall tricep extension- With forearms parallel, lean against wall. Lift body away from wall leaving hands on wall. Lean back into wall. Repeat as preferred.
warrior one- Yoga pose, facing front, with deep lunge position on flat back foot facing slightly out and flat front foot, raising arms straight above shoulders. Switch legs.
warrior two-Yoga pose, facing front, with deep lunge position on flat back foot facing slightly out and flat front foot, Twist torso pushing arms out to front and back. Switch legs and arms.

Hard Exercises
1 leg squat- Standing on one foot drop into deep squat. Repeat and switch feet as preferred.
airborne Heisman- Hop wide to right foot raising left knee to chest. Hop wide to left foot raising right knee to chest. Hold each raise momentarily.
alternating side lunge- Lunge out to side and back with alternating feet.
back extension superman- Lying on stomach, arch back to bring head and shoulders and legs up off the ground. Hold. Release and repeat as preferred.
ball leg curl- Lying on back with feet on exercise ball, pull ball towards bottom raising hips of ground. Return to extension.
ball leg alternate lifts-In push-up position with legs on ball, lift alternate legs. Hold and repeat as preferred.
burpees- Middle school all over again. Squat, jump feet out to plank, jump feet in, and stand up. Add a push-up while in plank if you wish.
decline push-up- In push-up position with ankles on exercise ball, perform a push-ups as preferred.
dive bomber push-up- With behind high, scoop head down and forward to lower push-up position, and push back until behind is high.
double airborne Heisman-Hop wide to right foot twice raising left knee to chest. Hop wide twice to left foot raising right knee to chest. Hold each raise momentarily.
handstand push-ups- Handstand against wall to perform push-ups. Yeah, right.
hot foot- Standing on one foot hop repeatedly. Switch. Make a plus mark or star pattern to make it more difficult.
jump knee tuck- Jump into air, pulling knees into chest. Repeat as preferred.
jump squats-With legs slightly apart, squat and jump slightly when you stand up.
lateral leap frog squat- With legs spread wide, squat and hop sideways 3-4 times then back 3-4 times.
leap frog squats- With legs spread wide, squat and hop forward 3-4 times, then back 3-4 times.
lunges- Step forward into forward bent knee with back leg straight. Keep knee behind foot to avoid knee damage.
military push-up elbows in- Standard push-up keeping elbows close to torso.
oblique crunches- Lying on one side with lower arm close to torso and legs straight, pull elbow and knees together bending sideways, not forward, at the waist. Switch.
monster truck tires- Jump forward to outside alternately on each foot 3-4 times. Then jump back to outside alternately on each foot back 3-4 times.
mountain climbers- From push-up position jump alternating feet up and back as if running.
plank run- From plank position on elbows jump alternating feet up and back as if running.
reverse lunges- Standing, lunge back, bending forward knee. Step far enough back to keep knee behind forward foot.
reverse warrior- From warrior two, slide back arm down the back thigh raising front arm up toward ceiling.
royal dancer balance pose- Standing on one foot, holding arch of foot, raise leg behind you lifting as far as possible.
run stance squat- Legs split, one forward, bend legs to squat to floor and stand back up.
runs stance squat switch- Legs split, one forward, bend legs to squat to floor and stand back up. Jump to switch opposite leg forward every three or four squats.
side hip raise- Lying on side, on elbow, lift hip up and return to floor. Repeat as preferred.
skaters- Wide leg stance, reach to one foot and lift opposite foot. Return foot to floor and reach to other foot lifting opposite foot.
standing leg extension toe grab- Standing on one foot, hold other leg straight out in front. Hold under thigh or hold big toe with same side as raised leg.
steam engine standing crunch- Crunch standing up. Pull knees alternately up to opposite elbow. Don't bend over.
swing chair kick- Standing behind a chair or stool, swing legs alternately over the chair from side to side. Chair optional.
table rows- With a sturdy table grasp edge and pull body up similar to a pull up.
tree balance pose- Standing tall bring one foot to inside thigh. Raise arms to ceiling. Switch feet.
triangle pose hand on ground- From deep forward lunge warrior two, slide right arm down to inside of right forward leg, placing hand on ground with left arm up to ceiling. Switch arms and legs.
v leg sit-up- Lying with legs straight in a v position, roll up to touch opposite foot with one hand. Return and repeat with other hand.
walking push-ups- In plank position move hands and feet walking forward a few steps and back a few steps.
wall squats- Standing with feet together leaning back on an exercise ball propped on wall. Roll ball down wall by squating and return to standing. Feet can be moved slighly apart or widely apart for variation.
warrior three arabesque- From wide split lunge, shift weight forward lifting back foot off ground to arabesque position and hold as long as possible. Switch legs.
wide front push-up-Push-up with arms in a wide position wider than the shoulders.